Tuesday, 13 December 2016

I'm in solidarity with the kurdish people but it seems to me that the ambiguity about Rojava has been at this point removed and it has come to be clearly just a representative democracy(sadly the directly democratic councils seem to have become warped into the british equivalent of local council bodies of government)- better than what existed before in that area but still another fucking state with a good propaganda machine.

A Letter to ‘Rojavist’ Friend

"Article 7[edit]

This contract is not looking to build a new state, or the construction of a class society, but based democratic Altmoss and the strength of the community and curtail the role of the state and turn it into a coordinating device"

It does appear to have Communes though weirdly enough

"Article 57[edit]

  1. Are the basic form of grassroots organization of direct democracy. It is the decision-making and management system within the scope of administrative and organizational. Alkmon works as a board stand-alone in all stages of decision-making."

    " Democratic Confederalism therefore is a model of dual power, in which a situation is created that makes it possible for self-administered, municipal areas to coexist next to the nation-state."

    I think Ocalan took out the worst least anarchist parts of Bookchin.





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