Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Anti-fascism in Edinburgh's past.

In contrast to these peaceful means of protest, the evening of the BUF’s rally saw more radical elements, mostly aligned to the Communist Party, attempt to directly intervene and prevent the meeting from going ahead. One Communist Party member who would later serve in the International Brigades, George Watters, recalled: “I remember gaun to a meeting in the Usher Hall, having been supplied wi’ a ticket by some of the students at Edinburgh University. I landed right down in the second front seat in the Usher Hall… My job was to get up and create a disturbance right away by challenging Sir Oswald Mosley, which I did. At that time I had a pretty loud voice. And Sir Oswald Mosley wasn’t being heard… There was a rush and in the rush I got a bit of a knocking about, and taken up to High Street [police station].”7

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