Monday, 27 June 2016

AWL's argument to respond to.

Work in progress.

"the conquest of political power by the working class and the transformation of advanced capitalism into the beginning of socialism. Anything else is reactionary anti-capitalism, in the muddled form of a utopian drive to go back to stages capitalism has outgrow"

"Who knows that to be true? Capitalism does not come to a dead end: for example, the microchip revolution over recent decades is a tremendous capitalist-era addition to humankind’s power over nature and potentially over its own social affairs. These and other contemporary technological advances will be taken over by the working class, which develops with and within capitalism and its constantly changing technologie"

"Capitalism continues to develop and, in its own bourgeois way, continues to socialise production. It continues to create the material basis for socialism."

"The European Union represents a necessary capitalist development. It is reversible only by regression to economic chaos and probably war. Socialists cannot propose to roll the film of history backwards, or want Europe to regress to the old “Balkanised” system of antagonistic bourgeois states and alliances.
The way forward is a working-class campaign to democratise it, and a Europe-wide working-class campaign for a Socialist United States of Europe. We seize the chance to unite the European working class; we propose that the working class should set as its goal the creation of a fully democratic Europe, the overthrow of the bourgeoisie and the creation of the Socialist United States of Europe."

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