Friday, 22 April 2016

Remembering G8 2005.


The Establishment line:-

Bob Geldof's, Bono's and Midge Ure's speech's Live 8, Edinburgh 2005  -"don't look for compromises"


Sunday, 3 April 2016

Marx's Grundrisse.

"Finally, the result of the process of production and realization is, above all, the reproduction and new production of the relation of capital and labour itself, ofcapitalist and worker. This social relation, production relation, appears in fact as an even more important result of the process than its material results. And more particularly, within this process the worker produces himself as labour capacity, as well as the capital confronting him, while at the same time the capitalist produces himself as capital as well as the living labour capacity confronting him. Each reproduces itself, by reproducing its other, its negation. The capitalist produces labour as alien; labour produces the product as alien. The capitalist produces the worker, and the worker the capitalist etc."- Marx, Grundrisse, Formation of surplus capital I. – Surplus capital II. – Inversion of the law of appropriation. – Chief result of the production and realization process: the reproduction and new production of the relation of capital and labour itself, of capitalist and worker.

Marx was critical of 'Market Socialism' and Mutualism.

"The production of capitalists and wage labourers is thus a chief product of capital’s realization process. Ordinary economics, which looks only at the things produced, forgets this completely. When objectified labour is, in this process, at the same time posited as the worker’s non-objectivity, as the objectivity of a subjectivity antithetical to the worker, as property of a will alien to him, then capital is necessarily at the same time the capitalist, and the idea held by some socialists that we need capital but not the capitalists is altogether wrong. It is posited within the concept of capital that the objective conditions of labour – and these are its own product – take on a personality towards it, or, what is the same, that they are posited as the property of a personality alien to the worker. The concept of capital contains the capitalist. "- Marx, Grundrisse,  NOTEBOOK V  22 January – Beginning of February 1858 The Chapter on Capital