Saturday, 1 August 2015

the referendum is a ghost haunting scottish politics and Scottish Independence is a parasite!

The Referendum is a ghost that haunts scottish politics and independence has been and is still being parasitic on broader politics reducing all struggles down to its own narrow terms of debate. Viewing politics through the lens of nations is not a good idea no matter how 'benevolent' you might claim your view of nations is.That whole way of thought is only of benefit to those who would seek to continue exploiting and oppressing us and the rest of the people of the world.

Concepts of nation and nationality only exist to conceal past and present divisions between oppressed and oppressors e.g. between the capitalist class and the working class. Instead of understanding society as a conflict between the rich and the poor the difference in concealed and smudged by appeals to the illusionary identity 'Scottishness'.

The source of social problem is not the tories westminster or even the rarely named, Neo-Liberalism. The problem is capitalism and we are in a very specific phase of capitalism whereby we cannot go back to the Keynesianism of 1945.

As the latest example(Syriza- though there are others e.g. Irish Green Party, German Green Party, Italian Communist Party etc etc ) shows no political party however pure their intentions may can once elected avoid corruption. That is not an individual or party failing but because once elected they become the protector and facilitator of capitalism because that is the very reason why government, all governments (past,present and future) exist.

Against Scottish Exceptionalism.

There's no shred of evidence that proves scotland is inherently left wing or socialist and plenty counter evidence against that idea. Furthermore the scottish left tends to dreamily rely on the fictitious idea that an independent scotland would be more democratic or environmental or could be socialist disregarding the international nature of capitalism and the international influence of organisations like the WTO, IMF, World Bank, EU etc which would prevent that- as seen in Greece with Syriza and as would happen in Scotland with SNP, the Greens, the Scottish Left Project or whoever it happens to be.

Is independence a solution?

Independence would do little more than change the location of the oppressors.
There's no salvation or 'cure' to be found in the SNP, the Greens, Bernie Sanders or Jeremy Corbyn. Only a mass movement of people taking acting themselves and deciding collectively themselves can change things.

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