Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Reply to Thomas Leonard's Future of the World 2.

*Work in progress*

The Revolution would be both destructive and creative. Abolition of systems of oppression and creation of alternative institutions controlled democratically.
Abolition of nations,borders and states.

Some general thoughts on post-revolutionary society:-

Decision making.

Decision making would probably be directly democratic with delegates to larger regions.
There would be decision making from the most local area possible to the largest area possible.

Safer spaces policies in the decision making bodies.

Social System.

Possibly there could be a variety of models tried-Mutualism,collectivism, communism,Par-econ- or even mixes of them.

One possible model is  say areas of a city for example Edinburgh are communes(so Leith, North Edinburgh etc) which then collectively form a council of communes of Edinburgh which get together with communes from cities,towns and villages and collectively form the federation of communes of scotland or maybe a federation of for example central belt communes which then form a federation of communes of Britain which could then  form a federation of communes of Europe Which would form a section of the international federation of communes.

Within each commune there could be collectives which deal with housing, roads, communication, transport etc. This happened in revolutionary spain.

Collectives would coordinate between communes on issues that would require it e.g. transport, communication.

In An anarcho-Communist society production and consumption would be on need. Things which were not needed would not be produced. There would be no production for its own sake.


Work places would be managed and decided upon by those who worked in them but going beyond syndicalism could possibly be held accountable to the community

Only activities necessary to the maintenance of society would be done.

these tasks would be rotated but also would not be assigned to those who were not trustworthy or unable to do them.


Schools could be run and lessons planned by teachers,pupils, parents and the local communities. 
Compassion and critical thinking would be encouraged.


Parochialness would be discouraged. Selfishness, competition and greed would be discouraged. Creativity would be encouraged and unhindered by financial restrains.

Ambition in terms of fame or fortune would be pointless. Ambition would be turned towards individual and collective betterment and flourishing.


It couldn't use fossil fuels. Would have to move towards renewable energy. Wind farms or geo-thermal is a couple of good possibilities.

Possibly less use of the internet.

Attempts to build eco-friendly housing especially in previously unused land.

Newly discovered or invented technology could be debated and possible negative consequences of them considered. If found on balance to have negative implications might not be introduced.

 Little to no use of cars. Or possibly car use discouraged and public transport like buses or high speed rail enouraged.

There might be a move towards a vegan diet.

Growing and harvesting of locally grown organic crops could be possible.

Local Self sufficiency could be encouraged

Healthy lifestyles, exercise, good food would be encouraged.

Planned obsolescence would be opposed. Re-using and repairing would be strongly encouraged.

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