Thursday, 28 May 2015

Salud proletarios -Better English Translation.

Salud proletarios

Salud proletarios, llego el gran dia
Dejemos los antros de la explotacion
No ser mas esclavos de la burgesia
Dejemos suspensa la produccion
Iguales derechos e iguales deberes
Tenga por norma la sociedad
Y sobre la tierra los humanos seres
viven felices en fraternidad

Trabajador No mas sufrir
El opresor Ha de sucumbir
Al derrocar El capital
Al grito de Revolucion Social

Acracia al fin Triunfara
Bello jardin la tierra sera
Todo lo vil a eliminar
Pueblo viril Luchar, luchar

No mas supremacia de dioses y leyes
No mas de tiranos la vil opresion
Y vallas, fronteras, gobiernos y leyes
Derrumbense al paso de la rebelion
Formemos un mundo de paz y armonia
Do libres imperen Artes y Amor
Viviendo la libre Anarquia
Natura brinda en su rica labor

In English:-

Health proletarians, came the big day
Let the dens of exploitation
Not be more slaves of the Bourgeoisie,
Let leave suspended the production
Equal rights and Equal duties
  Have  for the norm   The society
And on earth ,the human beings
They live happily in brotherhood.

No more workers suffer
The oppressor has succumbed
To overthrow Capital
to the cry of  Social Revolution

Acracia/Anarchy finally triumph
Beautiful garden the earth will be
Everything vile removed
Virile people Fight, fight

No more supremacy of gods and  law
No more vile oppression of tyrants
And fences, borders, governments and laws
  collapse to the passage  of the rebellion
We form a world of peace and harmony
Free do prevail Arts and  Love
Living the Free Anarchy
Natura offers  its rich work

Monday, 11 May 2015

Seeing why Occupy didnt work now.

That awkward moment when you have solid proof that one of the reasons the Occupy you were failed was because other folk had shit politics.

My occupy seems to have had a hippy lets love everyone liberal, a pacifist scottish nationalist liberal reformist and a 'Left- Keynesian' reformist  not even socialist but claims to be liberal.

No wonder the anarchists dropped out pretty quick!

Sunday, 10 May 2015

Some thoughts on Tories victory in the General Election.

#ToriesOut Now

  • Shock that so many people voted Tory. The propaganda machine must have worked.
  • Regardless of electoral strategy used, even tactical voting, there was no means of preventing the result of Tory victory by the ballot box.
  • Voting for Labour wouldn't have made a difference. If the whole of Scotland voted Labour it wouldn't have stopped the tories winning.
  • An alternative voting system wouldn't have made a different.
  • UKIP coming 3rd apart from the SNP means that the tories will likely be inclined towards appealing further right and being even more right wing.
  • the UK already feels right wing and is likely to swing even further to the right.
  • Grassroots direct action is the only solution. Cliche formulas of marches,rallies,protests or supporting political parties which are offered up to us by the establishment left will not work. Now is the time for the anti-authoritarian left to shine and to organize.
  • A protest or riot is not the same as a movement and some people mistakenly think it is. We need a movement.
  • I support the protests in London fully.
  • The SNP aren't liberators. They act as a break on  revolutionary tendencies and so are counter-revolutionary.

"To those of you arguing that direct action and protesting “makes no difference”: This is just painfully incorrect. Pretty much no social movement in history has been successful without some form of direct action. To just focus on one relevant example, it was the hugely confrontational poll tax riots of 1990 which played a fundamental role in the demise of Thatcher and her brutal attacks on the working class. These tactics are effective, whether you like it or not."

"This insidious idea that the only way people can legitimately strive for change is by spending the next 5 years quietly persuading others to vote differently in the next general election is the worst kind of liberal bullshit."
"It’s also a really fucking privileged thing to say when there are so many people whose lives will genuinely be in danger over the next 5 years. If you think that our current system of “democracy” will ever adhere to the voices of the people without being forced to by mass collective action, it’s time to wake up."

Best articles I've seen relevant to this issue:-