Friday, 6 February 2015

Why do people have faith in the state

Why do people have faith in the state when we know they are systematically and consistently corrupt, manipulative, protect those with wealth and power and are pathological liars. You only need to take events within recent decades: Hillsborough, the cover ups of the forced eviction of the indigenous peoples of Diego Garcia, the denials about the brutality against the Kenyans during the Mau Mau uprising in the '60s,  The combined assault on the miners during the 84-85 Miners Strikes(especially the lies of Orgreave), the killing of Mark Duggan,  Rape and sexual/emotional abuse of political protesters, Police survelliance of comedian protesters, political protection or neglect to investigate paedophiles, police brutality in cases such as Ian Tomlinson..

Even if you do not take the theoretical standpoint of anarchism, then the cumulative affect of consistent repeated deep seated and ongoing abuses/lies/scandals etc should surely tell you the state is inherently corrupt, inherently immoral and inherently illegitimate. It is dangerous naivety of the highest degree to believe otherwise.

Maybe the problem is that the state operates like an abusive relationship. The worst it acts the more people feel the need to defend it. Maybe this is out of some conditioned learned helplessness.

The state is inherently paternalist and disempowering.

 Democracy is about power to the people. The State is inherently by it's very nature opposed to that concept, opposed to democracy. The state by it's very nature is a small group of privileged distinct people deciding for everyone else. This is against the very meaning of democracy. This is against the very possibility of power to the people. The State and democracy cannot co-exist. One kills the other.
It's time democracy killed the state.


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