Thursday, 12 February 2015

4 reasons not to vote and to instead organise.

  1. Counter-productive: Voting draws energy away from grassroots direct action by oppressed people themselves and into politicians and political parties. It's a drain on energy and resources.
  2. Pointless and feeds illusion: The problem is the system, the structure not the person/people in charge. Whoever you vote for you will remain oppressed. The state exists to protect existing systems of oppression. The state is by necessity bound to follow the dictates of the market for example. It's not a problem of corruption or right wingers. It's the way society is organised and so voting is a waste of time and energy. By voting( even cynically or tactically) you continue the perception that the problem is WHO is in power when in actual fact the problem is that there IS POWER meaning power over, rule by the few over the many instead of direct democracy organised by the people themselves.
  3.  Wrong means for the ends:Voting cannot possibly achieve social change. If you favour democracy by which I mean ordinary people being in control of their own lives(Direct Democracy) then voting for politicians to decide for ordinary people instead of ordinary people deciding themselves cannot achieve this goal.The means to achieve the goal cannot be separated from the goal itself. You can't achieve a free society by oppression. Voting CANNOT make society better by it's very nature.
  4. History: Historically the vote has been extended to the working class,women, black people etc each believing allowing them access to voting would somehow make government more democratic. It has never done so. Changing the face of oppression does not change it's fundamental nature. It requires more than superficial change. Each time a party or politician will claim "this time things will be different" and they never are. Across the world there has been all sorts claiming this including green parties, socialist parties and 'communist' parties. All of them have either been ignored or sold our their principles out of necessity. Or if this does not happen they are killed or threatened by coup e.g. Salvador Allende. To argue for voting as effective for social change is to ignore massive amounts of historical evidence both past and present.

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