Saturday, 27 December 2014

Reply to "Free trade is fair trade".

Free Trade is Fair Trade

I will write up a proper response later....

This video is naïve. And very unsophisticated- all government regulation is wrong no matter who advocates it and for what reasons which is a very simplistic analysis.

Where's class analysis? it's very poor.

The video says state regulation is neither fair or free.   Moans that states intervene in the market. True but not always bad if it helps the oppressed and capitalism requires it that's why, capitalism is never laissez faire.

This video sounds very little different from 'Anarcho'-capitalism.Anti-tax shit sounds like Ancaps.
Lays all the blame on governments. Sounds like 'Voluntaryism' rhetoric( as long as voluntary) not anti-hierarchy anti-oppression anti-exploitation arguments made.

"If trade were 'free' the only ones people would agree to would be fair ones" That doesn't seem likely to be true.

Market forces would demand environmental degradation and consumerism. Ignores these problems.  Ignores externalities.

Free markets talk is not very sophisticated. There is still problems of money and banks.

Anarcho-communism not 'market anarchism'.


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