Sunday, 21 December 2014

I really dislike C4SS. WTF is this shit."Large Corporations Will Not Come to Dominate the Economy"

or this WTF is this. An 'anarchist' supporting privatization of the NHS. No concern for human lives. No examples. Terrible terrible shallow writing.

"Note that I say “concerned with” rather than “automatically opposed to”. As Austrian competition theory explains, freed markets allow concentrations of economic power to ebb and flow like the tide. Competition is a state of flux and dynamism, with firms, workers and entrepreneurs constantly adjusting to a changing world. It is inevitable that — in some cases — power structures will emerge."
WTF! this is very naïve and dangerous.

"The mundane price system is a perfect if unappreciated example. Prices are critical to our well-being because they enable us to plan our day-to-day lives. They do so by providing signals to us not only as consumers but also as producers. Prices guide our decisions about what to produce for exchange, how much to produce, and by what means. The resulting profits and losses reveal successes and failures at serving consumers. Without prices we’d fly blind, as Ludwig von Mises famously showed in his demolition of central economic planning. This is the upshot of the famous socialist-calculation debate."

"When the marketplace is really free and competitive (rather than constricted by the state to protect privileged interests"- Still STILL missing the point!

I Dislike Individualist anarchism since it's too obsessed with individualism, egoism and markets to be healthy.  C4ss expresses this to bad degrees despite the fact that they sometimes make correct statements too.

'market anarchism' is soft ancap ideology. It's one clique appealing to another.


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