Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Thoughts on Anarchist Strategy.

  • Against Armchair Anarchism:
  1.  Anarchists should avoid theorising but not acting.
  2. Anarchists should avoid becoming or being ivory tower intellectuals and while theory is important it should not and must not pass into the point of being academic.
  3. Anarchists should avoid becoming insular or being lifestylist or just being a hobby for intellectuals or activism becoming a lifestyle.
  4. Anarchist should engage with people where struggles are occurring BUT without compromising their principles.
  • There's nothing wrong with discussion of potential anarchist societies but no blue prints must be layed out and it is more important to focus on existing struggles and try to encourage them onto revolutionary paths.
  • Whenever and wherever we can act with others who are not anarchists for common goals that does not require us to compromise our principles we should try to do so.
  • Scottish anarchists should engage with disappointed Yes and No voters post referendum and encourage them to see that their desire for social justice could not be achieved by the means they've used so far. Obviously this requires different approaches in different contexts and with different audiences.
  • Visual presence at broad protest or public events is important.
  • Anarchists should not oppose Marxism completely. Anarchists should seek to learn from libertarian tendencies of Marxism.  It is my belief that properly understood and taken to their proper conclusions that anarchism and Marxism are the same thing.
  • Anarchists should learn from useful economic understandings of libertarian Marxists, especially Autonomists.
  • Anarchists must consider that capitalism is different and so resistance must be different in this current post-Fordist age.
  • Anarchists should seek to form a culture of resistance.
  • Anarchist should study past successes(however limited) such as Seattle 99, May 1968, Balcombe anti-fracking, Occupy, Spanish Revolution etc.
  • Anarchists should not join any organisations which require or would mean a compromise of their principles. This is difficult to judge beforehand in an abstract manner.
  • Anarchists should spread their ideas in the most straightforward manner with as little jargon as possible.
  • Anarchists should be cautious in supporting the PKK. We should accept their are differences in the composition of the group. But we shouldn't just embrace them wholeheartedly as having the same politics as us. They are good insofar as they oppose ISIS but beyond that how good they are is questionable.
  • Anarchists should never ever be Entryist.
  • It is worthwhile working with non-anarchists or reformists until such time as it becomes a problem e.g. requires compromising principles.
  • When a organisation's goal become contradictory due to the presence of reformists and revolutionaries then the group either must split or abolish itself otherwise everyone's energy will be wasted. A good example of how this can hinder a groups ability to function is many Occupy camps.
  • Like Errico Malatesta, I believe there is nothing wrong with working for reform as long as you keep pushing for revolution and do not stop with reforms when you get them.
  • Keep in touch with allies- especially in the anti-authoritarian left.
  • Coordinate. Communicate.
  • Educate. Spread the word. Have a visible presence. Public Outreach and presence.
  • By doing things people see that resistance is possible.
  • Actively seek out people who are having problems especially at work?
  • Drop in centre for would be organizers or workers or people with problems?
  • Go where struggles are going on. We can't stay in our anarcho bubble. We can't ignore struggles going on. We can critically engage with them.
  • "Fight where you are".

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