Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Reply to criticism of anarchism as not chaos.

"Anarchy is not anarchy if all it does is supply a new set of rules to replace the old ones - no matter how the new rules are formulated."

Anarchism is opposition to hierarchy, oppression, exploitation and privilege.

Anarchy is the condition of being in such a society i.e. a society systematically and institutionally opposed in practice to such things.

Anarchy is not chaos but bottom up organization. Absence of organisation does not lead to positive things for humanity. Disorganisation does not breed liberty or equality but opens the way to tyranny and exploitation.

Anarchy will of course include rules because it will involve organisation. Anarchy is not chaos.

How the rules are formulated is very important. It determines whether ordinary people are in control of their lives or whether distanced politicians/ capitalists/ WTO etc etc decide their lives for them. 

Society needs and involves organisation and organisations to function.

To fight against oppression you need organisation if you are to have a longer term campaign.

To fight a revolution you need to be organised into organisations since the state,capitalism etc is always organised and often well organised having done what they do for centuries.

To reject organisation is to wish failure on the revolution and resistance to oppression, it's to argue for ineffectiveness.


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