Tuesday, 4 November 2014

My Issues with the official Remembrance Day.

What is remembrance day really about?  It is a selective kind of remembrance or more properly a certain kind of forgetting. What we're encouraged to remember is carefully crafted to suggest national unity and everyone all in it together against a foreign enemy.  It is a myth without any grounding in fact. This is not accidentally perpetuated but a deliberation omission by the ruling class. Whoever controls the past controls the present. Whoever writes the history has the final say.

What is forgotten is the internal divisions and conflicts within society during that period(and continuing today) driven by those with wealth and power.  What is forgotten is how the world war 1 period was racked by strikes, mutinies, and the desire for revolution.

It is forgotten that in 1915 there were the Glasgow rent strikes or that soldiers before, during and after World War 1 rebelled, shirked, resisted and mutinied in many different regions. It is forgotten that significant numbers of people in those times desired a revolutionary change of society.

the official narrative of Remembrance day demands a carefully selected interpretation of history one which fits with the needs and desires of oppressive power structures but fails to remember very much.
Surely it is a dishonour to the many innocent who gave their lives.

Those who fail to remember the past are doomed to repeat it is often said. It seems remembrance day embodies this truth. Despite countless remembrance day and repeated insistences that it is about remembering the futility of war, the wars continue and militarism is still rampant.

The military are treated with absolute reverence and any criticism of them amounts of being inhuman. There is a warrior cult surrounding them.

If you truly support the troops there is only one real position for you to take and that is to be anti-war, to demand that the troops are returned home.

If the troops really were fighting for our freedoms, they would turn their weapons on the oppressors instead of chasing the often the dark fantasies of elites who are either imagined fears or who were created by those very elites themselves.

The only war that is worth fighting is the war for ourselves , the class war, the war against all oppressor for the people's control over society directly.

I would much rather 'betray'  'my' country than betray my class which means to side with the oppressors against the oppressed.

The Military has always been a tool of the ruling classes for oppressing those who sought to disrupt the status quo  from the diggers, to those resisting the highland clearances to The battle of George Square to the General strike of 1926. The military's function is to protect the power and profits of the ruling class domestically and abroad. The military does not exist to fight for freedom. It never has, does not at present and never will!

Soldiers are to be pitied as victims of those with wealth and power. Soldiers are to be honoured when they resisted and rejected their roles as soldiers and became conscious of how they are or were using as tools by elites.


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