Monday, 20 October 2014

Quick thoughts on Occupy Democracy.

*Open to change*

On the face of it what they say isn't deeply untrue just naïve.

"As if clarification were needed...
Russell Brand on the police:
"Do you know what I think is really, really important? Is that the way that we behave and interact with the police be very, very polite and loving. Because these people come from working backgrounds, these are working, ordinary people, that will remember who it is that they serve."
George Orwell on the police:
“I have no particular love for the idealized “worker” as he appears in the bourgeois Communist’s mind, but when I see an actual flesh-and-blood worker in conflict with his natural enemy, the policeman, I do not have to ask myself which side I am on.”

" It is becoming clear to millions in this country that our system of democracy increasingly functions in the interests of big business and a tiny wealthy elite."

The word which bothers me is increasingly functions, as if it never functioned that way before. But it did and always has!

"That Parliament has failed to protect the interests of the majority, and especially of the most vulnerable, in our society."

Naïve and reformist. It doesn't and wouldn't do that.

"We need to give ourselves the tools to hold our politicians to account, and to end the corporate lobbying power that drowns our voices out"
Naïve and reformist.

"in order to put forward a set of democratic demands for the fundamental reform of Britain’s system of democracy"---- reformist project!

"Any movement campaigning to significantly extend democratic rights will find itself in a collision course with the state (if not the law also). Would women have the right to vote if they limited their actions by considerations of legality?"  This is very smart! well done! Hopefully this kind of thinking is the majority politics.

" Real democracy comes from the people –  it is what we do. It is not what government does to us."

If there must be another Occupy camp:-

  • IT MUST HAVE a strict safer spaces policy and a thorough procedure.

This is a good start >

  • It MUST exclude conspiracy theorists and right wingers by a minimal statement of principles.
  • It MUST have a good analysis of the problem(s) and solution(s) i.e. At very least they must have a structural understanding of how oppression operates. They must at minimal be anti-capitalist otherwise it's another ragbag set of ideas of good,the bad and the ugly.
  • Must not be dogmatically non violent i.e. pacifist essentially.
  • Must explicitly state it is progressive, and left wing.


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