Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Naivety in the Occupy movement.

By no means true of all, this is what I've encountered in the Occupy of Scotland.

"To say that something has no place within occupy is wrong. We have to be open to explore all opinions and views, and everyone is welcome, we are the 99% etc...."

"IT HAS NO AGENDA, thusly cannot give opinion, only facts." 

"Occupy is akin to ghandiism in many ways, there are no enemys, no aggression, its about we, the majority, living for eachother, helping each other."
"occupy is a facilitator, and thusly can help facilitate actions, but it is a peacefull movement, to recreate communities within city centeres with the disenfranchised, and utilise that power to make a better world. Not to fight the system, we instead make a better one"

"To say that occupy is or isnt however, is futile, as it is, at the end of the day, the sum total of its parts, and that is the beauty of it, and why it can never die. It is the beating heart of everyone who wants change, but does not want to enter the trap of serving or forfilling someone elses agenda. There's no leaders, no plan, no direction. Just the desire for change. And change is the only constant"

Until this kind of naivety is properly dealt with and criticised I'm not gonna waste my time on this shit.

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