Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Thoughts on the Referendum with two weeks to go.

  • The debate has been terrible from the Yes and No politicians.
  • the Yes side/ RIC remain terribly naïve.99% of the time the Yes/RIC side refuse to acknowledge that the problem is bigger than Westminster but is actually Capitalism.
  • Almost none of the Yes/RIC side are anti-state or anarchist.
  • If RIC/ Yes campaign put all the effort they've put into getting people signed up and convincing them of yes  into working for a radically different society we'd be on the way there already.
  • I only hope that all the radicals and revolutionaries will remain so after this vote and not disappear completely into Scottish nationalists/reformists.
  • I do see the Referendum as clouding/muddying what the source of social problems are and obscuring the solutions in favour of blaming Westminster/Neo-Liberalism etc. and claiming Old Labour/Democratic Socialist, as the solution.

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