Saturday, 20 September 2014

Post-Referendum Thoughts.

  How to feel about the result?

Personally I feel disappointed it was a no, given that it looked like it would be a yes and not the meagre victories we could've won are very unlikely. I'm angry about the radical energy when and where it has been invested  in the referendum in place of direct action.

  I wonder how worth it this has all been. The referendum was never likely to touch the foundations of systems of oppression which exist within society. It was just a shift of government. I feel like it diverted a lot of energy which would've been better invested in a grassroots mass movement which is about direct democracy not parliaments, politicians or political parties and which aimed to change society on a very deep level. Whoever won the referendum the fundamental issues would remain e.g. the irreconcilable conflict of interests between bosses and workers. At this point I feel like what we're left with is a whole lot of disappointed disheartened people and a majority of the left whose energy seems spent. A sad day indeed!

Questioning the Yes side. 

A Yes vote would've had positives and negatives.  A Yes vote would've positively allowed for limited reforms. But on the negative side, much of the Scottish left would've been co-opted into support for the state/capitalism/patriarchy etc or went willingly.

An independent Scotland would've still seen the class struggle going on, still had the most unequal land ownership pattern...

An independent Scotland would've had economic incentives to utilise oil reserves so would've been unlikely to be green.

 It would've been under the influence of the IMF,WTO, world bank and US government still.

 Even if Trident was moved or even totally disarmed(which is a beautiful idea which I support) on the global scale it wouldn't have made too much difference.

But now that it's a No (Some predictions)

We simply don't know but here's some best guesses. I think Westminster probably will given the Scottish government more powers but might cut the block grant so that it can't use them very effectively and must implement a Scottish imposed austerity. I worry there could be a Tory-UKIP coalition in Westminster. The confidence of the fascists is horrifying too.

The Current state of the Scottish Left.

I feel justified in what I said about the referendum co-opting the left. It did do  that and that problem is on-going.

The Scottish left is divided but to some extent legitimately so. There is a stark divide opening between those with an Electoral focus and those with a grassroots focus.

On one side are political parties and those who have just joined them in massive numbers. the aim of Trotskyists and the establishment left seems to be to work towards a left unity party. Then there's Radical Independence Campaign (RIC), National Collective, the 45% movement and the like , who favour working for another referendum. Some people favour a recount  proving the referendum is still sucking up valuable radical energy.The rest are looking  at forming grassroots movement(Occupy, the anarchists etc)

Disappointed some anarchists are not truly as anarchist as they claim.

  • the 45% movement is nationalistic.
  • I'm hostile to National Collective which is only focused on independence.
  • RIC is acting as a broad left left unity type group claims to be broader than independence but has little vision.
  • Bella Caledonia is nationalist wants a new referendum and ultimate goal election for independent Scotland.
  • Commonweal( Keynesianism/ Democratic socialism of Old Labour)-
"We need to create an economy that favours high-pay, high-skill, productive enterprises and which encourages all businesses to up-skill their job roles and their workforce"
using oil.
" Scotland needs to re-industrialise. We will seize national opportunities to build big new manufacturing industries but we will also see a proliferation of small, specialist manufacture such as micro-engineering and prototyping. We will also develop other value-adding industries (like computing and research and development) which may not turn into manufacturing industries."
Naïve Neo-liberal almost mutualistic or co-op party type stuff.
"No part of this Common Weal vision is untried or untested. Everything has been shown to work when it is tried. Reject false reasons to believe that we cannot aspire to be a better nation. Reject those who tell you that this is as good as it gets. Reject the ‘algebra of failure’ which tricks you with arithmetic designed to show that the future can only be worse than the present. Reject despair."

What next?

I'm not a pessimist,cynical or skeptic. I'm an anarchist. No politician cares about us. Grassroots struggle is where it's at. Direct democracy is the way of the future.

It's a time to define our position more and say whether it was yes or no we would've still been fighting the same fights and now that it's no we must forget the referendum and fight those fundamental fights and build the movement that we should've already been building. We need to reach out to the undecided,the non voters and both yes and no voters.

No more voting. Let's let it go. Now we must forget parliaments and politicians and work to build a grassroots expansive radical movement which seeks to overturn the foundations of oppression and replace it with direct democracy. That's a longer and harder task for sure but a more worthwhile one.


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