Sunday, 14 September 2014

3 days before the referendum, some thoughts and concerns.

  1.  I'm very worried by how the referendum has narrowed political debate especially on the left.
  2. I'm very worried by how devastating to the left a No vote will be.
  3. I'm very worried by how co-opted the Scottish left will be as a result of a Yes vote.
  4. I'm very worried by how the referendum has put nation before class.
  5. I'm very worried how the referendum has turned so called radicals and revolutionaries into reformists/neo-liberals/ state capitalists/democratic 'socialists' i.e. the co-option I fear with a Yes vote has in large part already occurred from socialists to anarchists.
  6. I'm very worried by how naïve the Yes side especially the Radical Independence Campaign is/has been.
  7. I'm worried by the SNP vision for an independent Scotland.
  8. I'm very worried a Yes vote will has some very nasty unintended consequences even if it does open possibilities for protecting existing reforms or even extending them.

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