Friday, 22 August 2014

Some points on the Yes side of the Scottish Referendum.

You can vote Yes but it should not be your whole politics. If you're voting yes you should also be taking direct action.

Voting Yes will not solve current problems. The source of the problems is not Westminister and the solution will not come from just voting Yes in the referendum.
  1. The Nordic model is not  and never was socialist or or a utopia. It is increasingly explicitly neo-liberal.
  2. We DO NOT want to be using Scottish oil.  Venezuela is not a good example to be referencing on this!
  3. the SNP will be in charge of the first independent Scottish government, constitution etc
  4.  too much energy is being sucked into the vote and diverted from other causes we need to work on right now. the Vote is co-opting radicalism into reformism
  5. SNP want the lowest corporation tax in western Europe.
  6. the SNP will seek to attract business to an independent Scotland by doing anything corporations desire.
  7.  the current centralisation of the police force suggests an independent Scotland may have austerity or privatization.
  8. An independent Scotland may still vote Tory
  9. An independent Scotland is not necessarily going to be any more left wing.
  10. An independent Scotland will still be capitalist and in a Neo-Liberal world.
  11. An independent Scotland will still be swayed by the WTO  IMF world bank US government and multi-nationals.
  12. It is not certain Trident will be removed from Scotland.
  13. An Independent Scotland will not solve the environmental crisis it will only makes steps towards that.
  14. the economy might tank!
  15. Iceland is not more democratic nor is swtizerland.
  16. A No vote will destroy the left if the left put all there energy into this.
  17. A Yes vote may inspire nationalism and may draw people closer to the status quo ,closer to reformism and act to pacify any true revolutionary aspirations.
  18. There is no guarantees a Yes vote will protect the NHS, welfare state etc.
  19. It's scary that dissenting voices skeptical of a Yes vote but not No voters are silenced or shut out in a climate of fear where people feel worried about expressing their feelings.

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