Monday, 28 July 2014

Thoughts on Israel-Palestine. Against all oppressors Everywhere!

An angrily written rant to Palestine Supporters.

This conflict is between the powerful Israeli government armed by the US and UK against the Palestinian and Israeli people with Hamas claiming to be pro-palestinian.But only when it suits them.

My sympathy is with the ordinary people caught between Hamas and Israel.

I am angered by those who in the name of supporting Palestinian people seem happy to endorse Hamas even provisionally when it is obvious Hamas are an anti-semitic, fundamentalist organisation who are the enemy of the working class and all oppressed people.  Hamas have attacked working class people and broken up strikes.

  I am hostile to kneejerk support to whoever is opposed to Israel and/or the US. Neither Hamas nor the Israeli government truly represent the people in those areas in the same way that the Tories do not represent the people of the UK.  So why endorse either side even provisionally?

Hamas are oppressors. They are the enemy of the working class!

My support lies with the working class and oppressed both in Israel and in Palestine as it does with them across the world. I support the right of all oppressed people especially in this case, those in Israel and Palestine to resist by whatever means are necessary and appropriate their oppressors whether they are the Israeli Government forces or Hamas or Fatah or the US or the UK or the Al-Alqsa 'Martyrs' Brigades.

  No to Zionism ! No to anti-Semitism!

Power to the working class and all of the oppressed in Israel and Palestine.Their enemies are states ,capitalists, and oppressors of any kind.  

I finish by repeating in edited form the words of the Gaza Youth Breaks out Manifesto,

Fuck Hamas.  Fuck Fatah,  Fuck Al-Aqsa Martyrs brigades  Fuck Israel. Fuck UN. Fuck UNWRA. Fuck USA!
"  "Unity" (Ahdut/Wihda) is an anarchist-communist organization in Israel/Occupied Palestine. Our goal is the unification of forces aiming at the creation of libertarian (non-authoritarian) communism, or anarchist communism. We wish to advance a revolutionary process in which democratic and self-managed committees and workers' syndicates, organizations, communes, student sororities and fraternities, etc., would abolish capitalism and the state and replace them with a free society organized on the basis of the populations' needs and desires.
We call for a struggle against capitalism, the Israeli occupation of Palestine, sexism and patriarchy, racism and all forms of oppression and exploitation."

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