Thursday, 12 June 2014

as Erich Fromm points out there's rational authority based on competence and irrational authority based on power

hierarchy is unavoidably undemocratic and disempowering destroying creativity

Hierarchy is pyramid  of decision making

to be dominated  is to be denied the chance to think and act for yourself


Liberty is autonomy(positive) and freedom from repression (negative )

negative liberty alone is worthless

autonomy is control over your own life- individually and collectively
oppression is counter to liberty
oppression involves hierarchy

liberty is needed for individual and collective flourishing and wellbeing
collective autonomy requires direct democracy

hierarchy is counter to autonomy 
hierarchy means  inequality of power
hierarchy involves domination
hierarchy means some are considered  inferior and some are considered superior
rulers vs ruled

autonomy is part of liberty  therefore liberty is opposed to hierarchy

class society is opposed to liberty i.e. equality is required for freedom 


Hierarchy is inequality-inequality of power
therefore equality is absence of hierarchy
absence of hierarchy is required for liberty too
if there's no liberty there's no equality and vice versa
equality is the end of privilege & hierarchy


solidarity means  co-operation & mutual  aid
there can only be sense of solidarity when people are equal and people can only be equal  when they are free and people are free only when they're equal  

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