Sunday, 18 May 2014

What is Anarcho-Communism.

Anarcho Communism is a certain kind of anarchism.

Anarcho-Communism is true communism, the actual meaning of Communism. You could almost drop 'Anarcho' since Communism has always been recognised(before Leninism anyways) to mean a Stateless classless society.

An Anarcho-Communist society is one which is Stateless, classless- without money or wages or work or bosses or profit or banks or any sort of market whatsoever. It would be a society organized in terms of Need not Greed.

 It would be a society where all resources necessary for flourishing would be open to all and the only exception would be possessions for personal use. all that Anarcho-Communism truly seeks is to restore the commons and to end all processes of privatization,enclosure and commodification which have been carried out. Anarcho-Communism wishes to make those processes impossible and end them for all time.

Anarcho-Communism would have grassroots democratic democracy.

Anarcho-Communism is opposed to the Leninism of Bolshevik Russia or Castro's Cuba or North Korea or anywhere else claiming to be communist.

Anarcho-Communism is opposed to Mutualism and Collectivsm but accepts they may exist in anarchist society and would not seek to stop there existence.

Anarcho-Communism is the ultimate society possible. To me it is the fullest expression of Anarchism. Anarcho-Communism has never be put into practice in human history. It is the big unknown.

Anarcho-Communism may take time to be created within an anarchist society and another kind of anarchism may have to be formed first such as mutualism or collectivism. This is the only kind of transition phase anarchism accepts.

Anarcho-Communists are not so dogmatic to believe that only pure communism is acceptable. While that is our preference, we recognise (1) it may not be practically possible (2) it may not be what people want and so it may be decided to either go for some other kind of society like Mutualism or to have some kinds of various kinds of arrangements.

It seems obvious enough to me that Anarcho-Communism sits best with visions of an environmentalist green society and in truth, any society short of it cannot be truly green.

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