Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Further Thoughts on Patriarchy and oppression.

  • The older the oppression the more embedded,the more deep rooted and  'natural' it feels.
  • Patriarchy and more specifically the Gender binary may be the oldest historically known form of oppression.
  • Patriarchy cannot work, cannot make sense or operate without the gender binary and it seems likely that historically it grew at least in part from the gender binary -from social significance placed on sexual organs which seems to have been due to need for reproduction and baby making which was important in indigenous, feudal and capitalist societies.
  • Capitalism needs housework, nuclear family and babymakers to continue to have workers and to provide them with support.
  • There was patriarchy in tribal/ indigenous societies.
  • Patriarchy predates capitalism and helped form it.
  • The State predates Capitalism.
  • The State, Capitalism,Patriarchy and White Supremacy are the biggest forms of oppression- "White Supremacist Capitalist Patriarchy" as bell hooks calls it.
  • While oppression can and does exist in institutions, it can also exist in practices in informal more fluid, more slippery ways. Patriarchy is like that. 
  • Patriarchy is extremely adaptable moreso even than Capitalism is.
  • It seems likely Patriarchy has/has had , phases much like Capitalism.
  • Intersectionality is extremely important theoretically and practically, in strategic terms.
  • Is domination of nature especially animals the first form of oppression though?
  • and moreso, is domination of animals/nature oppression and how??
  • Patriarchy requires an internal hierarchy of men policing other men,women and trans/intersex/non binary/gender queer/ queer etc people. Patriarchy calls upon and uses all other forms of oppression.
  • Anarchist Communism has never existed though glimpses of it have been seen throughout history.
  • I agree with Silvia Federicci as against Marx- Capitalism was a counter revolution against communist tendencies within Feudalism. Capitalism was not historical progress.Potentially the world could have bypased Capitalism and went straight to anarcho-communism much more easily without capitalism and its relentless industrialism.
  • Imperialism is just the primitive accumulation period of enclosures,privatization etc happening internationally and still going on today- it has not ended.
  • Could a communist society still be patriarchial? Could a stateless society still be patriarchal?
  • A communist society would end the public/private divison which aids Capitalism and drives gender roles/ ideas of housework/ the unwaged nature of housework
  • Patriarchy has had to adapt to a swing towards the service sector away from traditionally macho industrial work and towards emotional labour orientated work similiar to housework and traditionally womens work.
  • Anarchism is quite anti-dualistic. Existing oppression needs to manufacture needless binaries and dualisms. Anarchism seems to abolish them by pointing out how needless they are. Anarchism is deconstructive.
  • Difference and diversity is used for control- disability is used to discipline the ablebodied workforce. Being ablebodied is represented as a macho thing. Patriarchy disciplines men,women and those who do not fall into the gender binary ( as well as anyone LGBTQ+). White supremacy disciplines the indigenous and People of Colour. 
  • Capitalist values match up with patriarchal ones e.g. selfishness, competitiveness, 
  • The State and it's branches tie oppression together,institutionalizes it and formalizes it.
  • It's interesting how forms of oppression encourage each other. Oppression historically and logically seems impossible to untangle.
  • I find it hard to imagine capitalism without patriarchy or a 'feminist capitalism'
  • Patriarchy as likely the oldest oppression is very pernicious and hard to destroy. It's not in one or any specific institution. It's expressed by institutions but more in everyday informal practices, in the microaggressions which form life.But I do believe it's root is the gender binary. If so, anyone who attacks the gender binary is the most radical critique of oppression by attacking the most 'normal' and naturalized kind of oppression there is.

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