Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Thoughts on Green Communism

Inspired by

An Anarchist Solution to Global Warming

While none of us could know what a green society would need to be like there is a few things it isn't too difficult to see it would require:
  • It would have to be anarchist i.e. anti-state, anti-capitalist, anti-hierarchy, anti-patriarchy. It must be opposed to all forms of oppression. It must be a grassroots democracy, egalitarian and without private property.
  • more localism.
  • wholescale  reorganization of food, technology, industry, housing, energy, communication, transportation.. essentially all aspects of society. Green Anarchism adds onto the demands of anarchism. It makes considerations more complex.
  • I would argue it must be communist since a market seems to require or encourage consumerism but I'm willing for others to experiment to prove me wrong. Everyone should have what they need.
  •  It must involve alternative ways of energy use and production and potentially reduced energy use.
  • Reduction of car usage and production.
  • It must involve grassroots food production and  sustainable organic farming.
  • It must involve most people moving to a vegan diet since meat consumption and production is so environmentally damaging and unethical and must be so given it's potential for profit making under capitalism.
  • Probably use of something like a precautionary principle whereby the consequences of a technologies use or potential abuse would be considered and it might happen that some technology is not developed if it is thought that it could be oppressive
  • No rigid divisions between town/country, city and wilderness,
  • minimal technology/industry. Some places choose to have none.  Technology only where its needed
  • any fuels used are renewable
  • locally produced food in bioregions
  • no pesticides/ GMOS
  • community becomes the site of democracy
  • Less travel. Less need to travel except for fun, for adventure.
  • slower pace of life
  •   Massive Recycling.  Reuse. Repair.
  •   Less meat driven diets. More vegan diet.

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