Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Thoughts on disability

*work in progress*

  • I agree with the social model of disability.
  • Technically speaking it is then more correct to say someone is disabled or impaired than to say they 'have disability'
  • war and work are leading causes of disability/impairment.
  • disabled people should have as  much control over their lives as possible.
  •  disability is not fixed but dependent on context, on environment.
  • disability is mental/psychological  too.
  • disability  is used to threatened and discipline the able-bodied worker.
  • There's not enough anarchist/anti-capitalist writing on disability.
  • Capitalism assumes and demands  the able-bodied worker. It finds exceptions to the rule expensive because it puts profit   before people by necessity. capitalism by necessity is ableist and creates the condition of disability therefore will capitalism exists disability will always exist.
  • capitalism is a leading cause of impairment and illness.
  • inclusion of disabled people just means they will be exploited and oppressed in other ways. We need to be intersectional.
  • The medical establishment cannot end disability but only reform it. they are reformist generally speaking.
  • Communism is the social system best able to abolish disability.

Good quotes:

"Our aim is to remove such forces, not fight an interminable battle against them. If, as we have seen, disabled people are people who, as a group, cannot be easily integrated into the logic of capital then there is only so far they can go towards equality before capital starts to push them back."

"It is easy to see how the phrase ‘to each according to their needs’ will abolish an aspect of disability. If we produce for need rather than profit there is no reason why we should not chose to produce buildings, equipment, technologies and so on that are designed on the assumption that physical and psychological variation of all sorts is a normal part of human society and that it is right to take this fully into account when producing thing for people to use."

"Communism, through the self management of production according to the principle that people contribute in the ways they are most able to, overcomes capitalism’s exclusionary practice and overcomes the logic of alienation upon which capitalist production is built. The full and equal integration of all people into the reproduction of society, regardless of factors such as impairment, is surely the goal of communism and the foundation of a society in which the free development of each is the condition for the free development of all."

Further reading:-

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