Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Contents of Problems of Occupy: a critique.

 Broad outline of what I plan to cover.

  1.  Intro.  What occupy was.   Positives of Occupy.  How many cities and countries involved. Completed. To be found here, 
  2. Diagrams. Falsely framed  "99% vs. 1%" . false unity. Popular fronts. Reformism Vs. Revolution. "99% vs. 1%" .  Led to misunderstanding of problems and ineffective solutions showing those misunderstandings of the problems. Completed. To be found here,

    3. Misunderstanding the problems:
      (a)Conspiracy theory/theorists. Misunderstanding of problems and ineffective solutions showing those misunderstandings of the problems.  'Idealist theory of social change' / No theory of revolution. In  UK, Charles Veitch/Love Police. anonymous?  Freeman of the land.
      Completed. To be found here,
  (B)"Cops as 99%" instead of 1%.   Pacifism framed as 'non violence'. Hatred of Black Bloc. David Graeber Vs. Chris Hedges.  State repression. Reformism Vs. Revolution.

Concerning the violent peace-police: an open letter to Chris Hedges,

(C) Internal problems within the camp/  Privilege/ Misogyny/  insufficient or absent safer spaces policies /Direct democracy does not inherently guarantee good decisions if the culture they're made in is terrible or doesn't work to oppose oppression.

 - It has  repeatedly been remarked that Love Police and the like expressed plenty misogyny. Whether this was because of their  individual  ideas or the philosophy they draw them from is hard to say. It certainly can't help that they had no understanding of patriarchy., Occupy Wall Street and Anarchism .

4.  Misunderstandings  and ineffective  solutions:

Camping itself/  Lifestylism/Camping as Lifestylism? / Ethical consumerism(Bank Transfer Day )/ Limits of Mutualism and Co-operatives  /  Demands /Reformism/ Liberalism/Co-opted/ 'Occupy Democrats'

5.  Occupy Brighton specifically?
6. Occupy Edinburgh specifically?
7. Occupy Oakland as better?
8. Conclusion?????

Further reading/ references:  On anarchism.  on Occupy .anarchist commentary on Occupy.

 Malcolm Harris writes about some of the emerging conflicts between anti-authoritarians and self-appointed leaders of the #Occupy Movement

"These managers are making a classic mistake, which is informed by the way the left has come to think about leaders. People who feel comfortable taking on managerial roles tend to think the folks they’re managing are more afraid and less militant than they are themselves. It’s always the masses that aren’t ready. As Dean writes: communists at Wall Street should “not push too quickly for something for which the proper support has not yet been built.” The potential action here isn’t doing, it’s “pushing” others. Maybe people will never be ready to get pushed around in the name of not getting pushed around anymore."

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