Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Conspiracy theory in Occupy Brighton.

I've gradually dissociated myself from Occupy Brighton Folk since they're conspiracy nuts.

Mass confusion.

Occupy Brighton Day 1 was ok-ish.The night was inspiring but then it went pretty shitty quickly .

Too much   Illuminati , free energy/ Tesla , Stefan molyneux,  Objectivism, Marc Stevens,   right-wing libertarian Ron Paul, people influenced by Zeitgeist films , “End the Fed”
David Icke, Alex Jones, LAWFUL REBELLION, Sovereigns On The Land,"Freemen on the land",
 the Vaccination Information Network (VINE), Hollie Greig Friends and Supporters,9/11 Truthers ,

 Awkward moment when someone you allied with in Occupy is simulataneously into Ron Paul,Austrian Economics,Free mason conspiracy,Ufos,Chemtrails,'sacred geometry', Ancient aliens theory,Nikolai Tesla free energy conspiracy,LovePolice(who's a conspiracy nut), False flag conspiracy,9/11 trutherism,Anti Bilderberg stuff... AND I slept in his tent. If my local Occupy is gonna feature him prominently ah dinnae want tae be involved.

Occupy Linda  argues  "
When we talk about man made global warming, what we really mean is that man via geo-engineering has caused climate chaos, while there is a consensus on a general warming (something the world has naturally done over the millennia, warmed and cooled) there is no un natural contribution (via man made fossil fuel use) that can or as yet has been accurately defined, in fact if anything the models show a 17 year cooling trend. – What we are really seeing (and the scientists behind ...this beating it up as a lie) is global scale weather manipulation/modification that is both scorching and cooling areas of the planet causing massive dangerous weather events, droughts, floods and the like, the alarmists pointing to these terrifying weather changes as proof that “global warming” is real and raking in trillions of dollars in taxes that will not alter the situation one iota, but will line the pockets of the paid mouth pieces handsomely.
The IPCC continue to ignore the ClimateGate scandal and pump out colourful charts and graphs supporting their lies and false conclusions, twisting the data, omitting other contributing, causal and attributed information to drive a political agenda… this is being done deliberately to back up falsified climate modelling data and thus prove the lie. – Wake Up – Look Up and for crying out loud…..Combat the IPCC wherever they are spewing their propaganda and lies!!!!"

 Occupied with conspiracies? The occupy movement, populist anti-elitism, and the conspiracy theorists

How to overthrow the Illuminati https://libcom.org/library/how-overthrow-illuminati



‘Freemen’ Favour Fiction Over Facts


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