Friday, 14 March 2014

Untruths about 'political correctness'.

  1. Most of the so called political correctness  is made up with no proof it ever happened .
  2. It's a straw man used to justify worse language and disrespect. It protects privilege and power.
  3. these kinds of argument always  come from the right wing. They like to claim it's 'cultural Marxism'.
  4.  I'd much rather live in a world where people sometimes act over sensitively than are insensitive in language

Common Myths

Is the word 'brainstorming' offensive to people with epilepsy?- No.

Blackboard- search it and  you'll find it was never banned or offensive.

Black Pudding to be Banned – Because its racist - is satirical by the seems of it and in any case the organisation in it does not exist.

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