Friday, 14 March 2014

How to have good meetings. Some guidelines.

*Work in Progress.*

  • announce that the safer space policy is in place. Discussion can be stopped at any time if anyone is uncomfortable or they can choose to leave the space if they so wish. If its relevant, remind participants to use trigger warnings.
  • Try to have facilitators who have male privilege and who do not. Those with male privilege can point out if others are talking too much over women or the marginalized. Those men within the discussion can do that too this is preferable to encouraging women to speak which is like granting them permission.
  • Try to avoid letting people shout over each other since those oppressed by society will tend to be drowned out by more  privileged voices.
  • Be aware of informal hierarchy.
  • The facilitator should not  talk more than the audience or participants in the discussion.
  • Progressive Stack is important though limited in that not all oppression is obvious so there's limited ability to give weight to the oppressed.
  • DO NOT have public supposedly open meetings at someone's house if you're trying to be open to anyone and everyone.
  •  "Needs create delegates, not the other way around. Delegates should not be elected except when they are needed to carry out some particular project; and at any moment the assembly can ask those delegates to justify their implementation of their mandate. "

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