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How to, guide to being a Trotskyist.

How to, guide to being a Trotskyist.
    a leaflet by the Socialist Workers    allied      Marxist        Party.

  1. Comrade ! We DO NOT talk about Kronstadt!
  2. Following our debate on anarchism we offer these suggestions for the Q&A discussion afterwords:  (1) Where should we shoot them  (2) how soon in to the revolution.....
  3. Discount a chunk of historical writing on the Soviet Union.
  4. Do you have a moment to hear about our lord and saviour- comrade Lenin? 
  5. Lenin was godlike in his awesomeness.It was only Stalin who ruined he soviet union. Because eyewitness accounts don't matter. Only writings from world war one matter!!
  6. The people will only know they have been liberated when it's the Workers state which kills them...... The Soviet union was oppressive yet a workers state too!! Yeah we don't understand that one either!!!
  7. tyrants are meh when we like them. tyrants are counter revolutionary when they attack our leaders.
  8. The revolution will only occur through the selling of newspapers at every opportunity.  There is no such thing as  'an inappropriate time'. that is bourgeois nonsense..  attending a children's birthday party? have a handful of copies ready. Going to a funeral? What better to take their mind off it than  one of our Trotskyist comrades standing outside the church. and inside. and inside the Hearst.... someone being beaten up by cops? only the dialectical advantages of Leninism will protect them.  Remember to report your sales to your boss.
  9. We work for a society in which the workers are in charge. In charge of their government.  We reserve the revolutionary right to tell the masses what their better society will look like and show them how to achieve it(This never goes wrong) This is in no way like other politicians. They don't have placards, papers or vanguards... We do. And we aren't afraid to use them....
  10. anyone opposing the US is to be supported. Hamas, The Taliban and the Tellytubies are to be supported. Suggestions otherwise will be referred to the Peoples committee for gulag visitation.
  11. We have  a well established tradition of planning events. We will call a meeting under  a broad label. We will head this democratic open meeting to plan the event.While there we will tell those assembled how the event to be planned will  occur.Next form a  steering committee. This steering committee open to all will be held in he home of one of our people. This will ensure it encourages anyone to attend. Everyone will feel welcome. 
  12. We will consult our records of how previous struggles have been conducted. It would appear from our records that  resistance consists of debates , protest  and  a social gathering. We have no time for the dogmatists who tell us this is failed strategy.  radicalism increases proportionate to how many papers we sell and how many heads of unions we invite to speak. the TUC is the rank and file and would never ever sell out the workers. Forget the general strike... Bob Crow should be invited. He's the best person to fill the role of your ordinary workers. and what with his£145,000 salary   we won't have to pay for his hotel room. Two birds with one stone...This is THE ONLY way the revolution can occur. Rinse. Rise. repeat.
  13. Something about women.
  14. rape accusations will be treated with the utmost severity. We will harass the victim so we can achieve justice. We will demand the victim explain themselves. Most likely they are trying to destroy the revolution. Our questioning will in no way resemble the capitalist courts or the Spanish inquisition.They don't have placards, papers or vanguards... We do. And we aren't afraid to use them.
  15. all things with the word "pick" in them are to be feared and banned. This includes Pick N Mix, Tooth Picks and Pick me Up magazine.
  16. There must be  a minimum of 50 front groups at any one time.
  17. The rest of the left is jealous of us. that's why they smash our stalls and call us names. Here have a leaflet. and this one and this one.
  18. all members shall be expected to capable of  duelling in a leaflet to leaflet war vs the Edinburgh Fringe leafletters.

The words of our heroes:-

"the emancipation of the working classes must be conquered by the working classes themselves"-Marx.

"The historical crisis of mankind is reduced to the crisis of the revolutionary leadership" - Leon Trotsky, The Transitional Programme

"When people say, “a pair of weeks,” “a pair of months” (instead of several weeks, several months), this is stupid and ugly.." and  "The fight against bad language is also a part of a struggle for the purity, clearness, and beauty of Russian speech"- Leon Trotsky,The Struggle for Cultured Speech.

 Lenin- "the dictatorship of the proletariat cannot be exercised through an organisation embracing the whole of the class . . . It can be exercised only by a vanguard."

Socialism is nothing but state capitalist monopoly made to benefit the whole people"-Lenin

The organisational principle of revolutionary Social-Democracy...strives to proceed from the top downward, and upholds as extension of the rights and powers of the centre in relation to the parts".

it shows a lack of seriousness when people talk about an All-Russian Convention of Producers which is to manage the national economy".
Lenin, Report on the Political Activity of the Central Committee of the Communist Party, 1921 (10th Party Congress)

We must organise in Russia the study and teaching of the Taylor system and systematically try it out and adapt it to our own ends-Lenin.

"We are thus reiterating what was approved two years ago in an official resolution of the All-Russia Central Executive Committee! And we are now being dragged back on a matter that was decided long ago, a matter which the All-Russia Central Executive Committee endorsed and explained, namely, that Soviet socialist democracy and individual management and dictatorship are in no way contradictory, and that the will of a class may sometimes be carried out by a dictator, who sometimes does more alone and is frequently more necessary"-Lenin, Speech On Economic Development March 31.

"We are absolutely in favor of compulsory military training and in the same way for conscription. Conscription? Yes"-Trotsky.

"The only way to attract the labor power necessary for our economic problems is to introduce compulsory labor service."-Trotsky.

"We can’t oppose compulsory military training by the bourgeois state just as we can’t oppose compulsory education by the bourgeois state."-Trotsky.


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