Tuesday, 25 March 2014

For a more nuanced Sex-Positive Feminism.

"My feminism will be intersectional or it will be bullshit!” – Flavia Dzodan.

"There are some basic facets of sex-positivity that I find indisputable: that only “yes” means yes, and only when that yes is given freely, enthusiastically and completely uncoerced. That sex can be and is great when its between people who are into it, who want the same things or are willing to try new things together. That wanting and seeking any kind of sex, particularly as a women, is normal, awesome, and a source of pride for many (myself included). "-We Need Positive Feminists — Sex Positive Feminists, That Is

Essentially  my reason is that sex negative vs sex positive debates can be too simplistic and that I favour a more nuanced sex positive feminism.
  1.  Womens Liberation and liberation in general includes but is  not reducible to sexual liberation/body positivity etc. I can see how telling people to stop worrying about their bodies isn't helpful to a rape victim for example.
  2. I oppose censorship of porn and do not think it's inherently exploitative yet exploitation around it should be acknowledged and opposed.
  3.  I support sex workers/sex worker unions and oppose slut-shaming/whorephobia while recogning exploitation surrounds it and needs to be opposed.
  4.  finding the balance between openness about sex vs avoiding objectification/commodification.
  5.  It could ignore or marginalize asexual people or people who do not match with claims they make about sex.
  6. I'm not anti-BDSM but I believe it must be done as part of a feminist context. If you're a feminist in everyday life then carrying out BDSM activities can be feminist while if you're not in the everyday it's likely to be abusive.
  7. I do not think polyamory is inherently liberating or feminist and can be patriarchal.It depends how its done.

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