Friday, 14 March 2014

Can men be feminists?

Why I would never call myself a Feminist: From the perspective of a man who writes a lot about Feminism.  puts forward why men cannot be called  feminists.

"even then I’m a bit iffy about men who self-designate themselves as such" I don't get why.

"it’s far more effective to shout about actual Feminist ideas and seek no special treatment as a man"
agree but don't see it  as either/or.

"really means I don’t like calling men (and that includes myself) straight-up Feminists." I see the reasoning but don't agree these people described re bad allies or feminists.

" but an ally and advocate for LGBTQIA+ rights wouldn’t call themselves queer, why should a man call himself a Feminist for any reason other than brownie points and entitlement?"

this is a bad argument.  queer is political position and  a personal identity like being from Ireland say. Feminist is a political position but not like queer where it's identity too.

From a pragmatist angle I'd ask what difference does it make in practical terms.

Positives of men using feminist-

  • shows men self consciously identify with the philosophy and movement of feminism but should not try to be the focus of it.
  • dispels the myth that feminism is some man hating exclusionary thing. Not that we should be worried too much bout those who misunderstand us.
  • Men as the group perpetuating oppression  are vital in challenging patriarchy.

"To be a feminist one must be a member of the targeted group (ie a woman) not only as a matter of classification but as having one's directly-lived experience inform one's theory and praxis."

Interesting argument.

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