Thursday, 20 March 2014

against State capitalism, against Private Capitalism- For workers Control.

We reject these options as false alternatives between the right-wing parties of capital(more or less degrees of Private Capitalism)  and the 'left-wing' more subtle parties of capital (more or less degrees of state capitalism) In terms of reforms we prefer the former to the latter, but it is  a different of degrees only.


Privatization puts institutions directly into the hands of the capitalist class- The corporations, millionaires and bankers. And we all know how well that ends up.

Witness the failures of G4S and Atos for proof of how private companies do not serve the general welfare of society.

Look at the actions of corporations like Monsanto, Lockheed Martin, Coca- Cola for examples of why we shouldn't trust corporations to behave ethically.

 Privatization puts profit before people. This is one of the major reasons why the NHS is failing to provide decent healthcare.


Nationalization is often held up as somehow more democratic. This is only one of the myths used to serve the establishment. It allows us to blindly buy into the idea that state control and by extension, the State itself is somehow democratic and accountable. The Islanders of Chagos, The miners and the victims of the Hillsborough Disaster (among many others on the growing list) may question that belief.The State is by definition an institution of minority rule. It cannot be democratic.

Nationalization is State capitalism. That means the roles of individual capitalists  become more concentrated in the hands of the state so that the state becomes the boss, the landlord, the banker etc.Rather than empowering ordinary people it puts the power into different hands.

Contrary to what others might tell you,  The Soviet Union was  the most extreme form of state capitalism the world has ever seen

For Direct Democracy.

In contrast we  demand workers control their own workplaces unmediated by a separate class of managers whether those managers be bosses/managerial figures or  politicians or union bureaucrats. We also demand that those who use and occupy the land have control over it not landlords .

Instead we suggest ultimately the creation of co-operatives, communes, worker councils, community councils, free schools  and other democratic grassroots  egalitarian non hierarchical institutions and organisations. We favour free grassroots democratic federalist  organisation of the masses  as opposed to any  top down solutions whether  by  states, corporations or non profits organisations .

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