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UK anarchist History. title=Glasgow_Anarchists_1974_to_1986. - Glasgow Caledonian University Radical Glasgow.

A brief history of UK anarchism,2128583  -Oswald Mosley in Edinburgh Sept 15th 1937  reported in the Herald.

Children of Blackshirt women live with shame

Between 1933 and 1938 there were several different Blackshirt Summer Camps held in West Sussex; three at Pagham, one at West Wittering and one at Selsey. The first camp was held at Pagham, near Bognor in 1933.

  The book Blackshirts-on-Sea, about the BUF summer camps, has pictures of Sir Archibald (with pipers) at the 1937 Selsey camp, held at what is now West Sands Caravan Park. Hamilton in his customary regalia was part of the official group welcoming Mosley

Increase of 'home-grown' Anarchism in Socialist League in response to 'parliamentary' intrigues.
Lane publishes Anti-Statist Communist Manifesto.
1891-Beginnings of independent Anarchist organisation. Publication of Sheffield Anarchist.
1893-Anarchists defeated in free-speech fight in Manchester. Beginning of concerted repression.

Freedom raided. Press seized.Keell and Lilian Wolfe jailed.
Many Anarchists become conscientious objectors and go to jail1918-Attacks on Anarchists by Bolshevik government begin.
1929-Hunger March of Glasgow unemployed to London.
 Touzeau Parris, 1839-1907
Deakin, Joseph Thomas 1858-1937
Charles, Fred, c1860-c1934
Barker, Ambrose, 1859-1953
Leech, Frank (1900-1953) Born in Wigan lived in Glasgow.
London Freedom Group
David Nicholl was an anarchist active in Great Britain who participated in the Socialist League.
Albert Meltzer (7 January 1920 – 7 May 1996) was an English anarcho-communist activist and writer.
Ambrose Barker (1859 – 1953) was a British anarchist activist
.Walthamstow Anarchist Group
the Socialist League
Anarchists and the free speech fight on Wanstead Flats
James Allman ,London.
John Turner (1865–1934)[1] was an English-born anarcho-communist shop steward.
Scottish activist, libertarian socialist and Solidarity member, George Williamson 1939-2007
the Aberdeen Revolutionary Socialist Federation.
Thomas Hastie Bell (1867–1942)  born in Edinburgh in 1867.
Jane Hamilton Patrick (born Jenny Hamilton Patrick 1884—1971).
John Taylor Caldwell (14 July 1911 – 12 January 2007) was a Glasgow-born anarchist communist and close associate and biographer of Guy Aldred.
Ethel MacDonald (24 February 1909—1 December 1960) was a Glasgow-based Scottish anarchist and activist.
Guy Alfred Aldred (often Guy A. Aldred; 5 November 1886 – 16 October 1963)

Storione, Lawrence 1867-1922 Fife.
Revolt in a Norfolk seaside resort: anarchist-communism in Great Yarmouth
H.H., Henry or Harry Duncan
“Anarchists on the Distress among the Unemployed. Short Essays on the above by H. H. Duncan, W. N. Allan, and Eglan Shepherd.”
In 1893 the group changed its name to the Aberdeen Anarchist Communist Group. Duncan wrote a pamphlet A Plea for Anarchist Communism .
Scottish anarchist and tailor, James Tochatti, who was active in the Socialist League in London 1852-1928.
English poet and anarchist communist Louisa Bevington 1845-1895.

The slow burning fuse: the lost history of the British anarchists - John Quail

In 1893 Agnes Henry, as part of a tour of Scotland, spoke in Dundee on 1st March 1893 to a meeting of “fair attendance” on the subject of anarchist communism.

The American anarchist Voltairine de Cleyre spoke in Dundee at Plumbers Hall, Wellgate on September 18th 1897 as part of her Scottish tour arranged by the Glasgow anarchists William and Maggie Duff

Voltairine de Cleyre's Tour in Scotland, Freedom (London), November 1897.

On Sept. 14 1895 Goldman travels to Scotland; delivers successful lectures in Glasgow, Edinburgh, and Maybole.

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