Monday, 18 November 2013

Protest Chants.

Pieces of social history. Love them.

  • "Damn right we're pissed
the future belongs to the anarchist"
  • "No gods
no masters
fuck those bastards"

  • "look whose calling the shots
make sure it's not the trots!"

  • "SWP, we know you.
You are worse than the boys in blue! "
2, 4, 6, 8, Israel is a terror state!"

  • "slogan slogan slogan slogan shout shout shout shout"
  • Nick Clegg Nick Clegg
    We know you
    You're a fucking Tory too

  •  "They say cut back we say fuck that"
  • miners 84/5 picket line chants of 'here we go here we go here we go!'

  • "Can you hear the Fascists sing no no..."
•   Who killed Mark Duggan?, You killed Mark Duggan!
  • "Oh I'd rather have a Panda than a prince, Oh I'd rather have a Panda than a Prince"-to the tune of     She'll be coming round the mountain.
  • “Whose streets? Our streets!”
  • “However we dress, wherever we go: Yes means yes and no means no!”
  • "What do we want? Safe streets! When do we want them? NOW!”
  • "123 fuck the bourgeoisie"
  • "from oakland to greece, fuck the police"
  • "Ah-Anti-Anticapitalista!"
  • "No justice, no peace, fuck the police."
  • "1, 2, 3, 4 escalate the class war, 5, 6,7, 8 organise to smash the state."
  • "1-2-3-4, we declare a class war! 5-6-7-8, organize and smash the state!'
  • "No borders, no nations, stop deportations."
  • "Oh, cameron is a wanker
He wears a silk cravat
He took one look at the welfare state and said I'm having that
He won't say no to bankers
He won't bail out the poor
We'll show these ConDem bastards the true meaning of class war "

  • The people united will never be defeated.
  • "Fuck the queen and the union jack! The people's flag , is red and black!"
  • "No megaphones, no dogma, fuck the old left order."
  • "No justice, no peace Fuck the police!"
  • "The proletariat! Who are we? We're the last class in history!"
  • "Unemployment and inflation are not caused by immigration. Bullshit.Come off. the enemy is profit"
  • "One Sol-ution, Rev-olution"
  • "There will always be unemployed
until capitalism is destroyed"

  • "no more Royals at Holyrood
 Abolish the monarchy for good"

  •  Iain Duncan Smith's a ratbag    
    Iain Duncan Smith's a ratbag    
    Iain Duncan Smith's a ratbag    
    you can shove your bedroom tax    
    up your arse!     
  •  There are many many more of us than you  
    There are many many more of us than you    
  • Liberal, Labour, Tory    
     Same old fucking story!
  • Stop the workers being betrayed,    
     Solidarity and mutual aid!  
  • Condem ,Labour all the same    
     They all play the bosses game      
  • Hey Hey! Ho Ho!    
     Rubbish chants have got to go!      
  • We shall not, We shall not be moved,  
     We shall not, We shall not be moved.  
     Just like our comrades in the Spanish revolution.  
     We shall not be moved.  
    We dinnae want Capitalism , we shall not be moved,  
     We dinnae want Patriarchy , we shall not be moved.  
     Just like the Paris Uprising May 1968,  
     we shall not be moved.  
    It's time tae rebuild the world, friends, we shall not be moved;  
     It's time tae end the old world comrades, we shall not be moved;  
     Just like the Turkish revolution  
     we shall not be moved  
    No more private property, we shall not be moved,  
     No more rule by money, we shall not he moved,  
     Just like the 1926 General Strike ,  we shall not be moved.  
    Solidarity forever; we shall not be moved,  
     Solidarity forever; we shall not be moved,  
     Just like Greece and Spain  
     We shall not be moved.    


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