Thursday, 28 March 2013

Chomsky against Leninism.

Chomsky on Lenin,Trotsky and the Soviet Union.

He says Lenin was rightwing.He's not afraid to criticize Lenin.He says we need to remember the actual marxist socialist criticism of Leninism. He denounces Opportunistic vanguardism.

He opposes the Bolsheviks.Socialism is workers control over production Chomsky says and Leninism was nothing like that. He says Lenin was involved in a Coup not a revolution.

He says Lenin and Trotsky's first moves were to destroy worker councils.

Chomsky says Lenin/Trotsky acted opportunistically like any politician and spraffed what he thought people wanted to here but that they became a new managerial class. They became the new ruling class.

Lenin had authoritarian ideas/tendencies.

Rosa Luxemburg, Emma Goldman, Antonie Pannekoek, Paul Mattick Vs Lenin,Trotsky,Bolsheviks. - This article also explains the situation well.


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